Fix Outlook :: A Really Cool Idea Birthed by a Stupid One

Microsoft wants to use Word to render HTML emails in Outlook 2010. This basically means designers who spend a ton of time making sure their killer-looking HTML emails will work across multiple email programs are up in arms because this would essentially kill those designs across a wide swath of email readers.

So they are fighting back. is their voice. The website does 2 things. It shows you why using Word to render HTML emails is a bad idea, and it displays the twitter users who are protesting this change in real-time. Hopefully Microsoft will get the message because this really is kinda a big deal.

From a "message standpoint" it's slightly skewed since some people will tweet the site URL just to get their photo to appear (that's 90% of the fun). But it's also a great awareness campaign so people who don't really know why they should care(the same people who don't know why they should upgrade from IE6) can find out. It's a great showcase for the incredibly talented gang at Newism, the company that made it.

View the site and then tweet about it to get your photo added to the user scroll: