Tim Putnam
Landscape and Fine Art Photography



Exciting times. Julie is about to pop. We can see the baby move just under her skin. There are so many thing that amaze me about this process...I am blown away that my son is less than an inch away from us and still we have not been introduced because of the thickness of skin.

Monday is our due day. I'm really excited. I think of how much my dad loved me and I want to nurture that same relationship with my son. I think of how I wish my dad were still alive so I could share Pandora stations with him...email or chat with him throughout the day...share New Yorker cartoons or Dennis Miller jokes that crack me up. I look forward to when I can do that with my son. Although I anticipate the things we will do together many years from now, I am equally excited (though much less familiar) with the moments we'll have these first hours, weeks, and years.