The Fight


I walked into Carnival Music today and when I saw my old friend Natalie, who is directly responsible for getting "Sweet Girl" on Felicity (one of the coolest moments of my life), it occurred to me that we live in the same city and yet I haven't seen her in years.

Natalie has the amazing ability to pick up exactly where we left off, down to the song we worked on, which was the song we started years ago. Amazing.

Even more amazing was the song we left with today. I feel really, really good about it. It's solid from beginning to end; a complete thought. It's called "The Fight" and it's about the struggles you go through before finding success. We were able to craft a beginning, middle, and end of a fairly general idea without being cliche.

Natalie is incredibly, beyond talented: gifted. She can sing circles around anyone in this town, and she's super smart...the evidence is in her songwriting. I love working with her because she always brings out the best in me as a songwriter. I appreciate that chemistry. Maybe the best part about working with her is that we don't try to write songs to get them cut, we just try to write great songs and let them have a life of their own. Life is so much more exciting that way. It's always more fun when you don't know the answer. Or if you know the answer but you don't think you should say it.

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