A Short Love Story in Stop Motion :: Carlos Lascano

Bravo for the work of Carlos Lascano on "A Short Love Story in Stop Motion." The story centers around an art student with a crush on her fellow pupil. As they are drawing, birds from her page take flight, leading us through her dreams of a long, wonderful life with this boy with whom she is secretly in love.

Digging into Carlos' blog, he shares some of the behind-the-scenes process. I am immediately impressed with the level of detail and planning that goes into creating even a 30 second spot. The amount of time they spend on story development shows in the final pieces. The progression of their life together, kissing on a hill, having a child, raising a family, settling down in a house in the countryside next to the hill from their first kiss...very well done.

The use of real elements like eyes and skin texture which are digitally added give the characters organic emotions and a sense of realism is a real work of magic.

The post production brings it all together for me, with sweeping, dynamic camera work and blurring that gives real depth to the images. The light, particularly the sunlight in the kissing scene, is spectacular. And at the root of all this is Carlos' illustration, which to me is at the same time both beautiful and grungy...innocent, but real.

Sigur Ros' soundscape is the perfect backdrop for the story of love and dreams, and Carlos has captured that incredible feeling of secret want and desire, and has made a gorgeous short. Incredible. Buy the song here:

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