Fix Outlook :: A Really Cool Idea Birthed by a Stupid One

Microsoft wants to use Word to render HTML emails in Outlook 2010. This basically means designers who spend a ton of time making sure their killer-looking HTML emails will work across multiple email programs are up in arms because this would essentially kill those designs across a wide swath of email readers.

So they are fighting back. is their voice. The website does 2 things. It shows you why using Word to render HTML emails is a bad idea, and it displays the twitter users who are protesting this change in real-time. Hopefully Microsoft will get the message because this really is kinda a big deal.

From a "message standpoint" it's slightly skewed since some people will tweet the site URL just to get their photo to appear (that's 90% of the fun). But it's also a great awareness campaign so people who don't really know why they should care(the same people who don't know why they should

upgrade from IE6

) can find out. It's a great showcase for the incredibly talented gang at


, the company that made it.

View the site and then tweet about it to get your photo added to the user scroll: