Ambient and astounding. Real time LAPD radio stream set to a soundscape. (via@GeneralLee)

This ambient site plays a real time LAPD radio feed on top of a bed of ambient music. It's a mashup of Soundcloud songs and

and the result is eerie, melancholy, dreamy and chaotic. 


I did an electronic record with Lee Gilmore last decade under the name Kildare. The song Nashville reminds me a lot of this...where Lee didn't answer his phone for two weeks and made a song with the voicemail recordings left for him during that time. We did the Kildare record when Lee lived in LA and I was between Missouri and Nashville. This was early 2000's so we would email or physically mail cds to get each other the tracks. He would put his ideas down then I would do the same, or vice versa. It's a young sounding record, but there are some really great moments and some of the best lyrics I've written on a few tunes. Experimental for sure. 

You can listen and check out the Kildare record


. Let me know what you think about it and if you'd like to hear a new Kildare project.