The first time you do anything is the hardest.

Not always, but most of the time I bet the first time you do anything it's the hardest it will ever be.


submitting your art

entering a contest

asking someone out

cooking a new recipe

playing an instrument

using a new app or piece of software


The adoption phase of anything is tough. You struggle, physically or mentally. You have to learn the lay of the land, the layout on the screen. You slowly figure out what that button does, what that swipe does, what the correct technique is. Or having the courage to cold-call a movie director to pitch music (I was shaking the first time I did this), asking that certain someone out is terrifying because of the fear of rejection. It's the same for putting your art out there...something that is uniquely you.

But when you do it again it gets easier.

Keep doing things.

Tim PutnamComment