Making "Coastline, Vik"

Coastline, Vik, Iceland

ISO 100, 200mm lens, f9, 6 seconds

We took Route 1, or the Ring Road, through the south of Iceland. On a whim, we took a detour prior to Vik, and found Dyrhólaey Arch. The name translates to "the hill island with the door hole".

Approaching Vic

It's an insanely huge landscape. The lighthouse sits on top of an enormous cliff. We drove up to the top. The views were insane.

Lighthouse at Dyrhólaey Arch
Dyrhólaey Arch

I took this pano with my iphone at the cliff in front of the lighthouse. The cliffs drop off quite suddenly. To give you an idea of the scale, here is a closeup:

Dyrhólaey Arch perspective

The landscape in Iceland is just like the weather - completely unpredictable. One moment you're driving through volcanic landscape that happened 500 years ago,

Iceland volcanic landscape

the next, you're crossing a mountain shrouded in cloud.

mountain cloud

I took the shot below from the same location, just looking in the other direction.

Atlantic Ocean, Vik, Iceland.  ISO 100, 170mm, f8, 1/800 sec

Atlantic Ocean, Vik, Iceland.

ISO 100, 170mm, f8, 1/800 sec

Photo courtesy of Paul Sanders

Photo courtesy of Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders, one of my favorite photographers for his work with long exposures, has a shot taken at the same area. Paul was kind enough to allow me to use his image here. He is a master at creating extremely long exposures that transform reality into otherworldly dreamscapes. Seriously, check him out.