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Exploring Hope in the Shadows, 2019

Exploring Hope in the Shadows, 2019

I was introduced to the work of Brooke Shaden through CreativeLive.com where she teaches several courses on fine art photography. On January 1, I started a two week study with her around finding your voice.

It’s the Question that Drives Us

Everyday Brooke sends the class questions that are designed to inspire deep thought about who we are, what makes us unique and what is the story within our work.

There is a feeling I am chasing with my photography and the answers to these questions have helped me understand why.

I have always felt like an outsider looking in, but also felt great purpose. My work expresses a sense of place in the magnificence, even when the magnificent is shrouded in mystery. I have a mindset to fight my way in…I belong - we all belong.

I went to boarding school during high school, and I spent many nights alone around the campus being still…getting to know myself, asking, “Why am I here?” and, “What is my purpose?” Nearly 25 years later I still ask those questions. The stillness is majestic and beautiful, but it doesn’t answer back.

One of the early assignments in Brooke’s course was to create an image based on the answers to the questions she asked. I created this image from a trip I took to the Smoky Mountains about exploring hope in the shadows.