Music for Sync: Elevate Your Visual Media

As a seasoned music producer and songwriter, Tim Putnam specializes in music for sync, music licensing, and film and TV music. With a background in music business and production, Tim's expertise spans multiple genres, from electronic and pop to alt-rock and piano-led cinematic. His music has been featured in various media, including TV shows like "Felicity" and records by notable artists.

A History of Music Licensing and Sync Music

Tim's journey in music licensing began early, with his first song being cut by a recording artist at just 21 years old while studying audio production at Belmont University. Since then, his songwriting prowess has found a place on numerous records and various media. His experience in music licensing and sync music has led him to work with a diverse range of clients, from indie filmmakers to major advertising agencies.

Film and TV Music

Tim's music has been featured in TV shows and films, including the hit TV series "Felicity". His ability to craft music that complements visual media has made him a go-to composer for music supervisors and producers. His film and TV music portfolio showcases his versatility, with a range of genres and styles that cater to different moods and atmospheres.

Sync Music for Advertising and Commercial Media

In addition to his work in film and TV music, Tim has also produced music for various commercial and advertising campaigns. His sync music expertise has led him to create music for brands, crafting soundtracks that enhance the visual media. His experience in music licensing and sync music, as well as his 20 years as an advertising executive, has given him a unique understanding of what works well in advertising and commercial media.

Music for Sync: A Custom Approach

Tim's approach to music for sync is centered around customization. He understands that every project is unique and requires a tailored soundtrack. Whether you're looking for music to enhance a dramatic scene or need a catchy tune for a commercial, Tim's music is designed to elevate your visual media. His expertise in music licensing and sync music ensures that the music is not only high-quality but also cleared for use in various media platforms.

Why Choose Tim Putnam for Music for Sync?

With his extensive experience in music licensing, sync music, and film and TV music, Tim Putnam is the ideal choice for your music for sync needs. His ability to craft music that complements visual media, combined with his expertise in music licensing, makes him a valuable asset to any project. Whether you're a music supervisor, producer, or advertiser, Tim's music is ready to elevate your project, and he's incredibly easy to work with.

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